GolfBuddy Voice 2 Golf GPS/Rangefinder Reviews

Are you looking for a fantastic golf GPS/Rangefinder that is light, accurate, small and incredibly easy to use? Then you can choose Voice 2 Golf GPS/Rangefinder.Because it comes with 35000+ preloaded courses and it also has auto hole recognition. Voice 2 can recognize male and female voice option and its battery durability is incredible.

GolfBuddy Voice 2 Golf GPSRangefinder Reviews

If you are worried about battery life when you are playing golf but your GPS has no enough charge. This moment is too much disappointed. But if you have a golf GPS that has a big battery life then you can play your game without any disappointed. The Voice 2 Golf GPS/ Rangefinder has 14 hours battery backup ( 2 round per charge). So it’s can give you more relax while you playing golf.

GolfBuddy Voice 2 Golf GPS/Rangefinder Reviews

Voice 2 golf GPS/Rangefinder has 4.6/5 review on Amazon. This rangefinder is easy to use, and Golfbuddy use latest green technology with distance reading from the golfers perspective. When you playing golf, it can automatically measure the course and hole. Voice 2 support recharge and it uses USB charging port. There is total 5 button switch on this device, the main button will prompt the voice 2 to tell you the distance to the center. Other buttons are for volume and the other tow active the voice.

Features of GolfBuddy Voice 2 Golf GPS/Rangefinder

Th golf GPS comes to market with lots of attractive features. such as voice control option, water and dust resistant, auto hole recognition, longer battery life and more.

Voice Control Option:- Voice 2 golf GPS Rangefinder will tell you the distance using a voice and so you will not have look at the display at each time. So it saves you time and increases your performance while you are playing golf.

Auto Hole Recognition:- This device can auto-detect the course that you are playing on. Voice 2 can also auto recognize the next hole.

Course Capacity:– This golf GPS rangefinder supports more than 40000 golf courses.If you can’t find your course, then you can download or update it. Without any fees.

Short Distance Measurement:- It can be automatic measure the distance that each shot covers. So this function is very beneficial for the new and old golf player.

Distance:- Voice 2 can measure the distance to the center, back, and front of the green.

Long Battery Life:- Do you need more battery life? Then you can choose it because it has up to 14 hours battery backup. You can recharge it using the USB port.

Water and Dust Resistant:- If you use this device then you don’t need to worry about raindrop or water, Becuase of it comes with water-resistant technique. But not IP6 certified right now.

Multi-Language:- The features is one of the most important things that when you do not understand English correctly.You can choose several languages as your requires. This device includes most of the popular language such as English, Chines. Francis etc.

Pros and Cons of Voice 2 Golf GPS Rangefinder:-

Every device should have some pros and cons so below we share Pros and Cons of voice two golf GPS rangefinder.

Pros of Voice 2 golf GPS rangefinder:-

  • Voice 2 has the attractive design, it’s small, and compact size makes it best portable golf GPS.
  • Just onetime buy and use lifetime.
  • If you are a new golfer, then you can easily choose this device without any hesitation.
  • More battery life( up to 14 hours).
  • You can choose your language.
  • It comes with water and dust resistant.
  • It can give you an accurate result.

Cons of Voice 2 Golf GPS Rangefinder:-

  • Most of golf GPS display is colored, but this device has the black and white display.
  • The voice sounds mechanical if they use man voice, then it’s too better.
  • Some custom complaint that it’s expensive because there are several other cheap brands on the market.

Which Features is made it special:-

Every product has some special feature such as low price, good product quality, best value, etc. So Voice 2 has some extra features that made is special. It’s waterproof and includes voice option. So you don’t need to see your display, every time its tell distance.

Our opinion of about Voice 2 Golf GPS Rangefinder:

The voice 2 is a very accurate golf GPS. It’s also small that helps you play quickly and play well. So our personal opinion is, voice 2 is a best golf GPS rangefinder on this price range. Voice 2 has lots of accessories if you don’t want to use the built-in chip. You can alternatively use this GPS if you spend some money( such as the watch, belt clip, retractable clip, display it in a cart mount. So it can give you most value in this budget.


Q- Which type charging port use for?

A – It uses USB charger, and it also includes a little USB charging cord.

Q- Can I save my score on it?

A- No, this model can’t support score save option right now.

Q- It’s entirely waterproof?

A- It’s water resistant but does not get the IPV6 certificate.

Q – What is the main difference between voice 2 and voice?

A- The voice only shows the middle until you push and hold the button but the voice 2 shows distance to Front middle back on the face of the unit.

Conclusion –

I hope you will read our full review. If you already know that voice 2 GPS rangefinder is one of the most popular and useful devices that can have on the course. I have said all pros and cons of this device. But our personal opinion is voice 2 is a wonderful golf GPS rangefinder that can give you most accuracy while you are playing. So you can buy it without any hesitation.

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