The Leupold GX-1 Review

The Leupold’s GX-1 Digital Golf Range Finder has the exact and reliable line of sight distance capacity. It is officially authorized for tournament play and giving you the self-assurance to get betters your shot making capabilities and plays your best golf.

As golf rangefinder reviews, It is weatherproof GX-1 Golf Range Finder from Leupold is tremendously strong and comes with the newest cutting border coating technology and precision optics that are low glare and scratch resistant. Basically, it provides you with the brightest and clearest optical presentation in the industry.

Every Leopold GX-1 Distance, golf rangefinder app,

utilizes the newest proprietary laser technology. It locks on to the pin position for speedy and dependable remoteness capacity. It has a scan mode that comes in extremely sensible for judging debilitate points.

The Leupold GX-1 Review

It identifies hazards or trees that could potentially cause you a trouble with your next shot. Since it enables you to brush the landscape and get a nonstop distance reading of aim that you can in golf rules rangefinder.

Additionally, one of the GX-1 Digital Rangefinder’s major features is the elite Leupold’s Pin Hunter Laser Technology. It has been calibrated to fire a laser beam accurately at the aim in the crosshairs to make sure that you get the outcome you want.

Leupold GX-1 Description

  • Officially permitted for tournament play
  • Pin Hunter laser technology
  • Prism Lock technology- Rubber protective covering grasp
  • Speedy set menu
  • 6x magnification
  • +/- yard accurateness
  • 6.8 oz
  • Weatherproof
  • Multi-coated optics
  • One-touch scan mode
  • Mist mode
  • Measures in yards or meters

Construction and Functionality

With precision glass, cutting edge coating technology, and rugged structural components, the optical system in the GX-1 is built to the identical exacting standards. The outcome optics is vivid and apparent. It offers

  • Exact ranging
  • Low Glare
  • Graze fighting
  • Years of reliable use

Golf near at me, giving you quick access to all the features of your rangefinder without cluttering the field of view, the GX-1 provides a spontaneous Quick Set Menu.

Leupold GX-1 Specifications:

  • Magnification: 6x
  • Line-of-sight distance: Yes
  • Scan mode: Yes
  • Prism Lock/Pin Hunter: Yes
  • Fog mode: Yes
  • Display: LCD
  • Selectable aiming reticules: 7
  • Maximum range: 750 yards (reflective target/prism); 350 yards (pin)
  • Battery life: 10,000 actuation
  • Dimensions: 4 by 2.75 by 1.5 inches (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 6.8 ounces
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Weatherproof: Yes
  • Inclinometer: No
  • True Golf Range: No
  • Club Selector: No
  • Smart Key: No
  • Body Material: Ruggedized plastic

Customer survey

For the golf rangefinder, It is very Compact and simple to use and well-built. People have never used a rangefinder prior to, so they cannot bear out to how it compares to its competition yet it works excellent. It can be carried the Sky Caddie on charted (golf GPS) courses. It is great for a fast check of distances to bunkers and front of the green. However, if you want the accurate distance to the pin, the laser works perfectly. It is particularly helpful inside of 150 yards. It is also functional on the golf driving rangefinder.

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